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"The worlds transportation system's transition from internal combustion engines to electric motors will be like the worlds transition from chamber pots to toilets." VP Jon Hallquist

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Bill Kuehl, founding member of the Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association and a true EV pioneer over 30 years, passed away on Friday, December 6, 2013.
  Bill was the LVEVA's original President, later serving as secretary/treasurer and Board of Directors member. He personally converted over 100 EVs in his lifetime into re-purposed electric vehicles. He was always willing to help new builders by unselfishly passing on his knowledge, tools and skills to others. He was the main driver of the LVEVA EV conversion workshops that were originally hosted at his house. Most recently, he was helping the students at Green Valley High School with their BMW EV conversion, that came out of the LVEVA EV workshop program, as well as co-teaching an introductory EV conversion class with Evan Eskelson at the CSN Summerlin campus.
As a former Air Force jet mechanic at Nellis Air Force Base, he brought a lot of practical skills to help anyone with converting to electric vehicles
*In 1985 Bill Kuehl drove his "73" Honda Civic conversion over 100 miles on a single charge. It had a configuration you may not see again; a 7" Prestolite motor and Russco controller with 16x6-volt and 8x12-volt deep cycle lead-acid batteries. The 6.3 mile course was set up on the streets of Santa Clara California. Bill went 16 laps at an average speed of 25 mph and top speed of 35 mph. We are honored to have him join the "100-mile-per charge" club this day in Dec 2007; let the record show that he did it before any of the other members."

He is still a National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) record-holder with a converted Pontiac Fiero during our "Wicked Watts" competitions at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on the quarter-mile drag race track:

MC/E Class, Pontiac Fiero 1985 144volts Driver/Owner: William Kuehl. Las Vegas, NV
18.494 Seconds 71.11 MPH July 27, 2001

When I worked for Logisystems, learning to "soup up" Curtis motor-speed controllers for golf carts, Bill was the first person from from the LVEVA to bring one of his Curtis 1231C controllers from his full-size electric car for us to work on and get started designing controllers for larger vehicles. When Logisystems later moved to Texas, they came out with a product line of 144-volt, 1000-amp full-size controllers for about two years, based on that early work.
May he rest in perpetual peace.
Article in the Las Vegas Mercury "Kuehl's actually way ahead of his time--has been ever since 1980 when he converted a gas-drinking Pinto into an electric chariot." from 2003. It is all about Bill and it has some good quotes:

Bill is a mighty man of valor and will always be one of my heros. As Jesus Christ is our savior I am sure he is riding a pearl white electric chariot along winding golden roads in Heaven preparing thier mansion for his bride when she cares to join him.

We will be more than happy to answer your questions or help with your project. We have quite a number of years of experience in our membership and what we don't know we will find out. At the Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association our goal is to provide you with the help needed to kick the gasoline habit.

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